Les 6 du LOFT
6 artistes différents
6 différentes visions de l’art
À l’avant-scène de notre galerie, six artistes montréalais établis depuis une vingtaine d’années exposent leurs oeuvres les plus récentes.
Dans un espace à aires ouvertes où se marient la brique, le bois et la pierre, les toiles engagent le spectateur à une réflexion profonde ou fantaisiste, en lui ouvrant une fenêtre sur l’imaginaire.

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PAST EXHIBITION 10 OCT — 24 OCT 2012 JONATHAN BERGERON LUEURS   Yves Laroche Galerie d’art is proud to present Montreal-based artist, Jonathan Bergeron’s new solo exhibition Lueurs. Propelled by an evolving style, Jonathan Bergeron’s early success began with his painted documentations of the personified calavera, a skull-shaped character common in the Mexican celebration of […]

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PAST EXHIBITION 4 MAY — 18 MAY 2013 GROUP SHOW BOONZ   Yves Laroche Galerie d\’art is proud to present “BOONZ”, Laurence Vallières’s first solo exhibition. Her complex assemblages of disparate cardboard pieces represent baboons, elephants, bears and other wild animals. Invested by Vallière’s work, the gallery space becomes an over sized sculptural bestiary. Vallières’s […]

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EXPOSITION PASSÉE 8 JUIN — 26 JUIN 2013 JON TODD BUTCHER’S HOOK JON TODD & JESSE HAZELIP   Avec un titre provenant du slang Cockney Londonien, “Butcher’s Hook” invite les spectateurs à examiner le travail de deux marginaux parmi les plus passionnés du monde de l’art contemporain. Sonder la périphérie de la société; c’est le point […]

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PAST EXHIBITION 12 SEP — 11 OCT 2013 GROUP SHOW FROM LINES INTO ABSTRACTION Under the co-curation of the gallery and graffiti-veteran, RESO   This exhibition serves as a meditation on the value of abstraction in graffiti. This group show features works by an impressive roster of 22 artists from Canada and all over the world. […]

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PAST EXHIBITION 14 NOV — 21 DEC 2014 OSVALDO RAMIREZ CASTILLO MY TYRANT, MY PROTEST, MY MYTH “My work reflects a critical narrative of historical, cultural and personal experience. Using drawing as a personal act of revision my work explores the role of storytelling through Pre-Columbian mythology, popular folklore and elements sourced from visual and […]

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PAST EXHIBITION 30 OCT — 21 DEC 2014 GROUP SHOW ÉGRÉGORE “By the word ÉGRÉGORE, as used by the ancient hermeticists, I mean a group of humans endowed with a personality different from that of the individuals forming it. Though studies on this subject have, in the past, been either obscure or secret, I believe […]

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PAST EXHIBITION 23 APR — 26 APR 2015 GROUP SHOW ART CONTEMPORAIN POUR TOUS – THE FAIR Last February, four gallery owners met in order to revisit the contemporary art fair formula as it is currently known in Montreal. Spurred by a common desire to present as complete a cross-section of contemporary art movements as […]

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PAST EXHIBITION 10 SEP — 3 OCT 2015 JEAN LABOURDETTE (TURF ONE), MIKE DAVIS,SHAWN BARBER TROIKA   On the occasion of the Art Tattoo Show convention, as Montreal becomes the international destination for tattoo artists & enthusiasts, three artists with prominent presence in the tattoo world will highlight the fine art side of the subculture. From Montreal, […]

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PAST EXHIBITION 19 NOV — 19 DEC 2015 MAX WYSE MIDNIGHT FONDUE MAX WYSE Born in Kamloops, Canada in 1974. Based on personal visual imagery and a technique ancestral to painting glass, the practice of Max Wyse explores the body as a receptacle to the mineral, vegetal, and animal worlds. His works act as a […]

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From its origins in the Old Port of Montreal, to its current location at the junction of the Mile End and Little Italy, the gallery’s mission remains the same: to showcase the avant-garde in contemporary art. YL has positioned itself at the forefront of Canadian art and remains committed to promoting artists both internationally-established and emerging. Rooted in the underground worlds of tattooing, graffiti, comics, cartoons, pop art, illustration, and surrealism, the art exhibited at Yves Laroche feeds off of an eclectic blend of cultural influences. Supported by its reputation and its presence at several international art fairs, YL offers an urban gallery fundamentally connected to international contemporary production.

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