4 MAY — 18 MAY 2013



Yves Laroche Galerie d\’art is proud to present “BOONZ”, Laurence Vallières’s first solo exhibition. Her complex assemblages of disparate cardboard pieces represent baboons, elephants, bears and other wild animals. Invested by Vallière’s work, the gallery space becomes an over sized sculptural bestiary. Vallières’s sculptures are studies that appropriate symbolism of the animal imagery to reveal their \’built\’ nature and establish equivalences between their symbolism and human behavior.

As an artist, one’s goal must be to express what is common and mundane in a way that makes it interesting and novel. To this end, Laurence Vallières uses animal imagery to symbolize and represent political issues and social behavior. Her work is greatly inspired by literature from the authors Georges Orwell and Art Spiegelman. Their deft use of metaphor allowed them to critique an issue or philosophy without explicitly stating the target of their anger. This use of metaphor gave their work the feel of a widely-circulated, savage inside joke. Similarly, Vallières creates art that maintains both visual appeal and an understated sense of humor. Vallières wants the meaning of her pieces to both capture the eye of the viewer initially and leave them with something to consider long after they’ve left. She sculpts monkeys, elephants and rhinoceroses, thinking about their human correspondents or the ideologies they represent.


From its origins in the Old Port of Montreal, to its current location at the junction of the Mile End and Little Italy, the gallery’s mission remains the same: to showcase the avant-garde in contemporary art. YL has positioned itself at the forefront of Canadian art and remains committed to promoting artists both internationally-established and emerging. Rooted in the underground worlds of tattooing, graffiti, comics, cartoons, pop art, illustration, and surrealism, the art exhibited at Yves Laroche feeds off of an eclectic blend of cultural influences. Supported by its reputation and its presence at several international art fairs, YL offers an urban gallery fundamentally connected to international contemporary production.

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